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Hi! I'm smilky/dyl, whichever works.I'm a fulltime Twitch Partner, freelance artist, and small business owner!I'm available for promoted streams, art commissions, and more!If you'd like to enquire, please drop me an email, I look forward to working with you!

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Sticker Club Sheets

Over on Patreon I run a Sticker Club, and a Sticker + Pin club!Here are all the designs we've done!Previous sheets older than 3 months are available to buy on my Ko-fi!

2022 | 2023 | 2024

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2022 | 2023 | 2024

September 2022Chocolate

October 2022Pumpkin

November 2022Toffee Apple

December 2022Gingerbread

homesticker clubcommunity spotlight

2022 | 2023 | 2024

January 2023Cherry

February 2023Honey

March 2023Strawberry

April 2023Marshmellow

May 2023Lime

June 2023Picnic

July 2023Butterscotch

August 2023Bubblegum

September 2023Birthday Cake

October 2023Trick or Treat

November 2023Banana

December 2023Christmas Treats

homesticker clubcommunity spotlight

2022 | 2023 | 2024

January 2024Lemon

Feb 2024Break Month

March 2024Sakura

April 2024Blueberry

homesticker clubcommunity spotlight

Community Spotlight

I meet a lot of different people while streaming, and so many of them are also creating some amazing things. Whether it's streams, art, music, crochet, we're surrounded by so much skill and passion!Every month me and my mods choose 2 community members to spotlight, with the hopes of spreading the love and support!


Oceo | She/Her

"Heya, I'm Oceonax! I'm an artist and streamer trying to learn retro-anime style art! I'm also a Magical Girl Vtuber with a model made to look and animate like a retro anime, which I'm constantly updating and improving! Also I play games sometimes and I'm trans!"Her favourite milkshake flavour is Banana!


Shia | She/Her

"Hi I'm Shia. I'm a Digital Artist, PNGTuber & Streamer. I have a passion for drawing animals and other cute creatures, especially Wolves!"Her favourite milkshake flavour is Raspberry Ripple!